CBD Isolate 99%

The purest CBD available in powder form

Content : 2000 mg

THC content : 0,001%

CBD in its purest strong form is isolate or crystal. It feels like powdered sugar, the cbd crystals are so fine.

By using only the very best plants, this CBD isolate from Health-treatments has a strength of 99.0%, there is no stronger!

Dosage CBD isolate crystals is more difficult to measure because it concerns milligrams, and recommended is a maximum of 2.5 mg to 3 mg 3 to 4 times a day.



Many people now have experience with the beneficial properties of CBD (cannabidiol). The purest form of CBD available is CBD isolate or CBD crystals. The crystals of Health-treatments are 99% pure CBD. The jar is available in 2 grams. However, Health-treatments keeps the prices very affordable and supplies the best quality CBD isolate. These cbd crystals are the purest form of CBD available.
CBD isolate crystals have a lot of advantages because you can very easily dissolve them in your daily dishes or a drink, lubricated under the tongue or even like some other CBD products,
applied as an ointment. CBD crystals can even be smoked, vaporized or used as a dab. This opens up a whole new world for consuming CBD. The other big advantage of CBD isolate and CBD crystals is that they do not have as strong a hemp flavor as most stronger CBD oil products. This is the case with just about any oil or spray, so people who do benefit from CBD but can hardly get the taste of it, could try using CBD crystals. Of course CBD crystals contain 0% THC, which means that they are completely legal and not psychoactive.

CBD Isolate 99%

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