CBD Oil Highest Content 25%

CBD Oil Highest Content 10 ml – Cibiday Quality Line – (25% Cannabidiol + Olive Oil) ~ With no less than 25% cannabidiol, this is the highest percentage, dropable CBD oil available in our health shop range. The CBD oil comes from the quality line of Cibiday.



Liquid CBD oil with very high percentage

Because the contents in the pipette bottle, despite the very high content of cannabidiol, still liquid and therefore drip-free, this oil from the Quality Line of Cibiday is absolutely unique. The liquid CBD oil is, like all other oil drops from Cibiday, delivered in an amber-colored glass pipette bottle with which you can easily drop the drops under the tongue.

For the preparation of this product only EU-certified hemp varieties are used in which hardly any THC is present. These hemp plants are cultivated in a completely organic way, whereby no harmful crop protection agents are used. As an excipient for the manufacture of a drip liquid, use is made of certified organic olive oil of very high quality.

Full spectrum of useful ingredients from hemp

Because the CBD oil comes from the tops of hemp plants, the extract obtained contains cannabidiol, other valuable cannabinoids. The extract also contains terpenes and other healthy and very useful ingredients that are present in the hemp plant. This creates a complete spectrum of ingredients that can work together in a special way and make the CBD oil even more effective.

The best intake method

When the CBD oil is dripped under the tongue, the largest part will be absorbed via the oral mucosa, after which the active ingredients will end up directly in the blood. This method of dosing is recommended in most situations.

Should problems arise during ingestion, such as swallowing problems, nausea or the aversion to taste, you can choose to use the drops in food or to drip them into a capsule. Because the active ingredients will end up in the stomach through this intake method, it will take a little longer before it reaches the bloodstream.

Recommended dose

Because this cannabidiol oil from the Quality Line of Cibiday is highly concentrated, it is recommended to start with a low dose of 1 to 2 drops at a time. You can repeat this several times in the day, depending on your needs.


General details of CBD Oil Highest Content

Content: 10 ml

Total CBD content: 25% (highest percentage of CBD oil drops)

Manufacturer: Cibiday

From certified hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

Comes from the tops (full spectrum)

Used excipients: Olive oil or hemp seed oil (make the desired choice in the options!)

Brown colored glass pipette bottle

Without additions

100% Natural

CBD Oil Highest Content 25%

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