CBD Ointment 25 gr


CBD extract + Vasaline

CBD 23,6 %
THC 0,01 %
THCV 0 %
CBG 0,1 %
CBC 0,1 %
CBN 0 %
CBDA 1,9 %
THCA 0 %
Rest Cannabinoïden 0,1 %



What is CBD ointment?

Cannabis is aimed at its pain-relieving ability. For 
that reason, the extract of this plant has been added 
to an analgesic ointment, so that the effect is 
further enhanced. CBD has a positive effect on the 
skin. The ointment works, among other things, 
anti-inflammatory, calming and antibacterial.

In addition, it gives extra protection to the skin and 
has a moisturizing effect. Unlike the other cannabis 
products, CBD ointment or cream can only be used 
externally. The natural ointment is completely legal 
and has no intoxicating effect on the body and mind. 
That is why it can also be used with children or 
the elderly.

How does CBD ointment work?

The CBD extract processed in the ointment works 
just like other cannabinoids on the so-called 
endocannabinoid system. This is a body's own system. 
This means that CBD is also a body's own substance 
and therefore has a positive effect on the body. The 
CBD ointment has an antibacterial effect and lowers 
blood sugar. This type of product is therefore also 
beneficial for diabetics.

Treat eczema and other conditions with CBD ointment

CBD ointment is not a panacea, but in a sense it 
does have a kind of medicinal effect on the skin. It 
is particularly known for its pain relieving effect 
and the skin's restorative capacity. The ointment 
can be applied very well, especially for skin conditions. 
These are, for example, conditions such as psoriasis, 
eczema, warts and fungal infections. But it also has 
a positive effect on complaints such as swelling, 
insect bites, itching, abrasions and cuts, muscle and 
joint pain, tired muscles, headache, bruises and 
bruises. It is sometimes even used in the treatment 
of (skin) cancer. It seems that several people have 
already been successfully treated with the ointment.

How do I use CBD ointment?

Apply the CBD ointment daily to the areas to be 
treated. To allow the ointment to absorb quickly, 
it is important to spread it well. When using for
 the first time, apply a small amount of the ointment 
to the skin. Let it soak in for a few hours and 
check whether your skin reacts well to it. The 
ointment can then be applied to larger surfaces 
and several times a day.

CBD Ointment 25 gr

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