Discount CBD Oil 15%

  • The Discount CBD Oil from the Cibiday Silver Line has a very high cannabidiol percentage of 15% and is the most potent CBD oil from the permanently low priced Silver Line product range by Cibiday
  • This bottle contains cannabidiol suspended in healthy hempseed oil for accurate dosing
  • CBD-percentage: 15%
  • THC_percentage:0,001%
  • Suitable for adults
  • Discount CBD Oil with very high reduction in price
  • Low in price, economical in use
  • Reliable and safe
  • Content: 10 ml
  • Product line: Silver Line
  • Suspended in hempseed oil
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV in The Netherlands



Reducing price while maintaining quality

This reduced price, which is characteristic of the unique Silver Line series, has been realized after the need of consumers, who besides the extensive choice of high quality products, also want to have the choice of products with a very favorable price, but where the quality has not been lost and has remained well.

Permanently high discount on CBD oil

With the Discount CBD Oil from the silver line, Cibiday has responded to the desire of the customers and has made it possible to use a powerful cannabidiol-containing product with a permanently high discount, both for a short cure and for long-term use. .

This makes the increasingly important and popular CBD oil available to more people and therefore also to people who have a lower income and therefore spend less money on necessary care and health products that can promote good health.

Economical in price and use

With a concentration of 15% cannabidiol, this Discount CBD Oil is an attractive and beneficial alternative to other oils with 15% CBD. Due to the high percentage, the product has a stronger effect than the less concentrated bottles of oil from the Silver Line, so that a lower dosage can be given at a time.

Use and dosing advice

The use of liquid oil drops is very simple and the dose of CBD can be taken at any time. The bottle with contents should be shaken before each use, after which the drops can be placed under the tongue. The higher percentage can best be started with 1 to 3 drops per intake and, depending on the need, this can be repeated several times in the day.

After use, the bottle can best be stored in a room that is dark and cool so that the effectiveness will not be lost quickly.

Permanently reduced in price

All products from the Silver Line series are permanently reduced in price and will continue to keep this price reduction.


CBD extract
Hemp seed oil

General info

Content: 10 ml
Total CBD content: 15%
With hemp seed oil
Cibiday Sliver Line
Permanently low-priced
Originating from hemp (EU certified)
Soft taste
100% Natural
Without additions

Discount CBD Oil 15%

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