Inexpensive CBD Oil 10%

Inexpensive CBD Oil 10 ml – Cibiday Silver Line – (10% Cannabidiol + Hemp Seed Oil) ~ Like the other bottles of CBD oil in the category with cheap CBD oils, this low-priced CBD Oil comes from the Silver Line series of Cibiday. The glass bottle, which has a volume of 10 ml, consists of 10% cannabidiol plus hemp seed oil in which a multitude of healthy ingredients is present.



Low cost item with long-term use

The very advantageous Silver Line has been deliberately developed to meet the high demand CBD oil, but with a favorable price-quality ratio. For many people, the purchase or long-term use of the increasingly popular CBD oil can become too costly. They would like to benefit from the special and unique properties of the oil extracted from hemp, but often the amount to be spent is not sufficient enough.

Not expensive, so for more people available

Because the Silver Line oil is not expensive, more people can use it and especially people who are forced to use CBD oil for a longer period of time. As with all other products from Cibiday, this advantageous CBD Oil comes from European hemp grown, which can be legally cultivated due to non-psychoactivity.

No hindrance due to lack of psychoactive effect

This ensures that the extracted oil can not cause a stoned or high effect, so that the everyday activities are certainly not hindered. So you can spend the day as you are used to doing and you can safely participate in traffic.

Pieces cheaper and pleasant in taste

Besides that the Silver Line oil is cheaper than the other oils in our health shop assortment, the taste is also much more pleasant. The typical taste of cannabidiol was a stumbling block for many people, so they broke off a long-term cure prematurely. That can now be prevented with this extra mildly flavored CBD oil with a content of no less than 10%.

Whole plant extract with favorable plant components

Because the cannabidiol-rich extract comes from the tops of hemp plants, it has not only CBD, but also other useful ingredients that are counted among the cannabinoids. In addition, it also contains important terpenes and flavonoids, to which more and more studies are being carried out. Relating plant components are not only valuable for the plant itself, but they can also be useful for humans.

The correct use of the drops

The use of CBD oil is very simple and, because it is in glass bottles with handy pipette, can be taken everywhere and taken anywhere. Make sure that the bottle should be well shaken before each use, as the effective ingredients tend to sink to the bottom. Shaking the bottle ensures that everything is mixed well and that the effectiveness is increased.

Loosen the cap after shaking and squeeze lightly into the flexible cap. The squeezing ensures that the pipette is filled with oil. By gently squeezing the cap after the pipette has been filled, the drops fall out one by one. It is best to dose the drops under the tongue as they are absorbed very quickly through the oral mucous membranes. Just a minute in the mouth before you swallow the remainder.

You can also choose to drip the CBD oil over food or in drinks. Because the drops first end up in the stomach, it will take a little longer before it is absorbed by the body and ends up in the bloodstream. The effectiveness remains practically the same.

Also ideal for on the go

Because the oil of Cibiday darkened in brown glass bottles is delivered, it can be taken without problems to take a dose on the way. The glass protects better against heat reactions than plastic bottles and the dark color of the glass ensures that the effective ingredients are not easily broken down.

The right dosage of CBD oil

In order to determine the correct dosage, you will have to test which quantity gives the best feeling. Unfortunately, there is no exact dosage that applies to all people. Every person is different and reacts differently to CBD oil. It is best to start with a few drops and possibly increase this to a higher dose. You can take a dose several times a day.

Storage advice

Between dropping the CBD oil can best be stored in a cool and dark place so that the effectiveness is best preserved.

General info

Content: 10 ml

Total CBD content: 10%

With hemp seed oil

Cibiday Sliver Line

Economically priced

Originating from hemp (EU certified)

Soft taste

100% Natural

Without additions

The cheapest oil compared to other oils containing 10% CBD

Inexpensive CBD Oil 10%

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