Original CBD with olive oil 2.5%

CBD Oil Original 10 ml – Cibiday Quality Line – (2.3% Cannabidiol + Olive Oil) ~ Completely natural and certified CBD oil from Cibiday. This effective extract, which consists of 2.3% of cannabidiol, can help with various physical situations.



Original content
The name Original, which carries this CBD oil product from the Quality Line of Cibiday, is derived from the cannabidiol content of 2.3%, a concentration that corresponds to the percentage of the very first CBD oil in our, now very extensive health shop range. contained.

100% Organic and certified
Cibiday oil comes from legally grown hemp plants that do not use substances that are harmful to people and the environment during the entire cultivation. The cannabidiol oil has certificates that guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product. These tests are regularly carried out by recognized testing agencies.

Easy to use
Because the bottle has a handy pipette you can easily dose drops by squeezing lightly in the cap. You can possibly use a mirror to see the droplets fall easily, but because the oil consists of natural and safe ingredients and is free of the euphoric THC, the drops can not cause an overdose and you will not experience any real hindrance at too high a dose .

Safe for children and animals
The lack of THC also makes this product very suitable for the treatment of children, older people and animals. THC is responsible for the well-known stoned or high feeling that one experiences after the use of weed from the coffee shop. This Cibiday oil extract is certainly not comparable here.

Recommended user manual
Make sure the bottle is shaken well before each use so that the cannabidiol, which often sinks to the bottom, can mix well. Now drop a few drops under the tongue by squeezing the pipette cap. Keep this in the mouth for several seconds so that it can be absorbed well by the oral mucous membranes. After about a minute you can swallow any remaining oil.

In the treatment of children and animals, administering the oil drops to a piece of food, such as a piece of white bread, is often simpler. Because the oil now ends up in the stomach, it will take a little longer for the CBD oil drops to enter the bloodstream.

Recommended storage advice Cibiday oil
To keep the freshness and quality of the product in optimal condition it is important to store Cibiday oil in a dark and cool place and to prevent moisture. The correct environmental factors will maintain the effectiveness.

It is not recommended, because of the olive oil present, to keep the bottle in the refrigerator, as olive oil may start to form flakes at too low temperatures, making dosing difficult.

Certified oil from legal hemp plants
Total CBD content: 2.3%
Olive oil

Original CBD with olive oil 2.5%

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