Pure CBD Extract Cibiday 10% (1000mg)

Dissolved in : Pure paste, not dissolved
Active ingredients : CBD/CBDa
Content of active ingredients : 10%



Pure CBD Extract

  • Cibiday CBD/CBDa-rich CO2 extract from the flowers of organic hemp
  • Medium high concentration, primarily for adults
  • Naturalistic and dependable product, lab tested
  • CBD/CBDa content: 10% (1000 mg)
  • Obtained by means of environmentally friendly and efficient C02-extraction
  • CBD/CBDa paste undiluted and in convenient dosing syringe
  • Part of the extensive cannabinoid product line of pastes from Cibiday
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV in the Netherlands


Cibiday Pure CBD Extract 1000 mg

Tube of pure, CO2 extracted CBD/CBDa oil of a paste-like consistency with a CBD/CBDa content of a 1000 mg per applicator. With a concentration of 0.19% THC, this product is completely legal and can be used by both young children as by elderly people. This also means this non-psychoactive cannabidiol extract can be used for larger animals.

Full Spectrum extract from hemp flowers

The Dutch Cibiday has exclusively used the flowers of certified hemp for this clean oil product, which is grown in a controlled and environmentally responsible way on fields in Europe. During the entire process from seed to final product, no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are used which could harm humans or the environment.

Pure CBD oil

Due to this purity and manufacturing method with strict regulations of high quality, the products from Cibiday are a 100% natural. Because of the minimal level of the psychoactive THC, which remains below the legal limit with 0.19%, this pure extract is also suitable for children, the elderly and pets.

Dosing schedule Cibiday tube

This tube contains 1000 mg of CBD/CBDa and this means it can also be used for a lengthy course. Start off with a small amount to see how your body responds to it. Usually it will take only 10 – 20 minutes to notice how it makes you feel it or if the dosage will be sufficient. No maximum dosage has been determined. You can safely raise the dosage according to requirement and you can repeat the application several times a day.

The easiest method is to squirt the pastelike oil on your fingertip first, after which you place it under your tongue. After about a minute you can swallow any residue remaining. With this method the oil is rapidly absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth. Ingestion with food is also possible, but then you have take into account the oil will travel through the stomach first, and it will take slightly longer before the effect becomes noticable.

Purchasing smaller amounts

This pure and very clean CBD/CBDa extract from Cibiday is also available in tubes with a cannbidiol content of 500mg and 250mg.

General product info

  • Cannabidiol/Cannabidiolic acid-content: 1000mg
  • THC-percentage: < 0.2%
  • Made from hemp flowers
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday

Information on the label

  • 10% CBD/CBDa (1000 mg)
  • Content: 10 gram
  • Ingredients: 10% CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) paste
  • Recommended daily dose: 0.75 gram of CBD/CBDa paste (75 mg CBD/CBDa) sublingually
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Food supplement
  • Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet
  • Store at room temperature, in a dark spot and out of reach of small children
  • Do not use during pregnancy of when breastfeeding
  • Always consult with a physician if you are using any medication
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV, Dordtsestraatweg 434 C, 3075 BK Rotterdam

Pure CBD Extract Cibiday 10% (1000mg)

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