CBDa Oil, with more effective properties than CBD!

Cannabidiolic Acid, abbreviated CBDa, is the acid form of cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD and is naturally found in cannabis plants. Structurally, you can compare it with cannabidiol, but CBDa contains carboxylic acid. Just like THC arises from THCa, CBD forms of CBDa. This process occurs usually after drying or heating (decarboxylation) of the plant material.

Extremely important component from cannabis

Until recently there was not much attention to Cannabidiolic Acid, but recent studies have shown that CBDa is promising and offers even more positive qualities than CBD. Both of these components are, in contrast to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) not psycho active and therefore do not cause a high or stoned feeling.

Natural CBDa oil for better results

As more studies provide positive results, the component Cannabidiolic Acid plays an increasingly important role and the aim is to create an optimal preparation in order to conserve as much as possible of the beneficial CBDa and raise the quality of the oil to the highest possible standard.

CBDa Oil

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