CBD Pasta Pure Extract 25% (10gr)

Dissolved in : Pure paste, not dissolved
Active ingredients : CBD/CBDa
Content of active ingredients : 25%



CBD Paste Pure

  • Pure CBD paste from Cibiday with 25% CBD/CBDa (2500 mg in the syringe)
  • High concentration, so primarily for adults
  • Cleanly extracted by means of a heat free extraction
  • Content: 10 gram paste
  • In convenient dosing syringe
  • Part of the extensive cannabinoid product line of pastes from Cibiday
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV in the Netherlands


Cibiday CBD Paste Pure 25%

Pure and undiluted CBD paste from hemp. Easy to dose straight from the tube. This paste with a high CBD/CBDa percentage of 25% is manufactured by the Dutch Cibiday and very reliable, due to being tested by a external laboratory for both the CBD/CBda content and for contaminations.

The high percentage is primarily mainly suitable for adults. And for everyone for which especially high concentrations turn out to be effective. If moreover you want to try out first what effect a high concentration will have? Then we advise you to try out the various small syringes with 1 gram strong CBD paste from Cibiday. This small volume has been brought on the market especially for trial purposes, making these pastes very affordable yet.

Advice on dosing from Apollyon for Cibiday CBD Paste Pure 25%

For those still searching for an effective dose, we advise to start off with a lower dose, for instance with 0.2 gram a day, divided over 2 to 3 dosing moments. When effects are not forthcoming, you can then increase the dose every week until you reach 0.64 gram a day.

An amount of paste the size of an uncooked grain of rice weighs approximately 0.1 gram. So a dose of 0.6 gram comes to an amount of paste equal to the size of 6 uncooked grains of rice. Put a dose under the tongue and let this dissolve for about 1 to 2 minutes, so the mucous membranes in the mouth can absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream.

Everybody reacts slightly differently to cannabinoids like CBD, therefore it will always remain a matter of trying it out. So do not give up too quickly.
Information on the label

  • 25% CBD/CBDa (2500 mg)
  • Content: 10 gram
  • Ingredients: 25% CBD/CBDa (cannabidiol) paste
  • Recommended daily dose: 0.64 gram of CBD paste (160 mg CBD + CBDa) sublingually
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Food supplement
  • Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet
  • Store at room temperature, in a dark spot and out of reach of small children
  • Do not use during pregnancy of when breastfeeding
  • Always consult with a physician if you are using any medication
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV, Dordtsestraatweg 434 C, 3075 BK Rotterdam

CBD Pasta Pure Extract 25% (10gr)

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